Karl Kämpe The Adventurer #1

Story: A Moment of Hate
Writer: Jörgen Karlsson
Art & Inks: Ruvel Abril
Colours: Periya Pillai
Cover: Stella Spente
Page Count: 24
Published: July, 2021

In 1719 Karl Kämpe makes the long journey over the Atlantic Ocean and steps ashore in the New World. He is a hunted man in Europe and plans to stay in America for a couple of years until things cool down. Karl journeys north and one day he stumbles upon Black Crow Creek, a settlement in the middle of nowhere. He soon befriends a young women and her family but at the same time there is something strange going on. Can Karl Kämpe solve the mystery before it is too late?

NOTE! This comic book is in English.
OBS! Denna serietidning är på engelska.